GODSGARDEN #2.5 Tournament Rule

1.The character can be used only by one who registered at the entry.

2.Ultra Combo can be freely changed at each game.

Preliminary contest of league

1. All entrants are divided into eight leagues. Each league becomes seven people in the maximum.

2. The league table is open to the public by the day before.
There is a possibility that the league is constructed again when the person who is away on that day.

3. Each league is round-robin competition.  Each fighting is done by best of one.

4. Two person player with a lot of numbers of wins becomes advances the tournament.

5. If the best two players cannot be decided because the numbers of wins are the same, all of them play in round-robin to advance the tournament.  If some players got the same number of wins in this round-robin matches, the number of winning round is considered.

Final Tournament

1. It is fought by irregular double elimination of the nomination and the refusal.

2. Each game is best of two games. Only the finals are best of three.